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College History


Baker College for Women, Kottayam is established in 2014 as a tribute to the three generations of women of Baker family who served female education in South India for well over a century beginning from 1820. The motto of the college is the words of Lord Jesus Christ “The Truth Will Make You Free” as quoted in John 8: 32 in the Holy Bible. We believe that the emancipation of the women from the tyranny of all discriminations and social prejudices can be attained only through the medium of education. The college is committed to the advancement, development and empowerment of women through higher education.

     Baker College For Women at Kottayam,an institution of higher education for women offering various programmes designed in association with M.G University,founded as part of the bicentenary celebrations to comemmorate the arrival of missionaries of Church Mission Society to Kerala 200 years ago,is a milestone in the history of the Madhya Kerala Diocese of the Church of South India.

     The Baker institutions of the diocese are visible testimonies of the concern and efforts of the Diocese towards the empowerment of women through education,a mandate handed down to it by the pioneering missionaries of the CMS,London.

     Education of the female child for the first time in Kerala and probably in India,was launched by Mrs.Dorothea Baker wife of Rev.Henry Baker (Sr.),one of the early missionaries of CMS.

She took the first step in this direction by starting to teach,at her residence,the three R’s to a group of six girls in 1820.From this humble beginning came out the Baker School,which was shifted to its present site-The Baker Hill-a place at the heart of Kottayam town in 1865.This was further upgraded as a High School in 1900 and later as a Higher Secondary School.

    The Baker College For Women is a giant step forward to offer higher education to women with the assurance to maintain the tradition,spirit and quality of ‘Baker Institutions’and to create a new vibrancy in the area of higher education.The college offer her students a transformative educational experience by clinging on to the pioneer and inventive skills and drills to empower a heterogeneous society .



Amelia Dorothea Baker (Kohlhoff) – 1801-1888

Wife of Reverend Henry Baker